Sunday, August 30, 2015

First musing

Some time ago, I used to blog in Marathi, my mother tongue. For the usual few mundane reasons, it stopped. You know, busy with work, busy with doing something else, writer's block etc... Then I wanted to try writing again, this time in English. So here I am!

The first question was about the title for the blog. I always wanted to have a good anagram of my name. While I was walking this morning thinking about anagrams, nothing came to my mind. I need a pen and a paper to do this, I thought. I wished it came to me instantly and quickly. Something like a friend of mine who has this blog. I wished I could think of a clever, catchy, witty, perhaps philosophical tagline too to go with it.

I came home, and I looked up a website that generates anagrams. Interesting, there are quite a few, I have some hope to find something I wished for? The top two candidates were "Ah mused" and "Mad Hues" - even more interesting. "Mad Hues" is catchy, in a way funny. But "Ah, mused!"; that's what I want. After all, my Marathi blog title translates to "a dialog with self". Dictionary meaning of "muse" : "to think or say reflectively"! Nice!

The point of all this is not just to explain how I came up with the title. After all, here goes the cliche: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet!" The point is the little game I played with myself of wishing to have a blog title that is both an anagram of my name, and is meaningful and catchy! The game of wishing that it would come to me naturally, and not finding it until I looked up online (doh!), and then finally when I found one that was, well, as meaningful as it gets, being happy about it.

The game of musing I am still playing with myself, if I did not find "Ah, mused!" would I keep thinking and looking; or would I compromise and go with something else, or would I just give up and not make this blog at all! The title, as it turns out, is not the point. It's the musing!